Tryout Registration Now Open - Fall 2014

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for the 2014 Fall Season.

Final tryout dates have been set for the Renegades softball teams:

14u - TBD (Please contact George Mann @ and Mark Imhof @

12u - Monday, August 4, 6-8:30 pm (pitchers and catchers arrive at 5:30 pm)

10u - Tuesday, August 5, 6-8:30 pm (pitchers and catchers arrive at 5:30 pm)

Make Up Date: 12u and 10u - Wednesday, July 9, 6:00 - 8:00pm
(If your daughter is unable to attend tryouts due to family vacation plans, please plan on this alternative date so that she may be fairly evaluated. Please email Gregg Mindt @

All tryouts will be one day only.

About the Tryouts.
Tryouts are for the Lake Oswego Renegades teams. What are the Renegades? If you're new to competitive softball and have mainly been playing recreational softball, let us share a bit more detail about the Renegades.

The Lake Oswego Renegades are the "brand" for competitive softball in Lake Oswego. These teams only play tournaments in the spring and early summer. The number of games in a tournament only season ranges between 30-50 depending on the age level and the specific team. Teams are selected by player evaluation each summer.

  • Teams will be selected for ALL Renegades' teams (14u, 12u, 10u). Multiple teams will be formed at each level based on ability.
  • The selection committee will include coaches from each level. In other words, 14u coaches may help with evaluating 12u players; 12u coaches help evaluate 10u players, etc. Some "outsiders" will assist too.
  • Teams selected for Fall Ball will continue into spring. (Some winter/spring "refinement" can occur but is not likely.)
  • Coaches will be confirmed by the board of directors. (If you would like to be considered for a head coaching position, please contact us as soon as possible.)
  • Schedule - Renegades teams start Fall Ball in September (four weekends; double headers) and playing one or two tournaments in October. Practices are one or two times per week (at the discretion of the coach). Generally speaking, Fall Ball in intended to be a fun, short season. Teams take off late October, November and December and ease into the year with "open gym" at one of the high schools in January or February. Practices are in full swing by March; tournaments begin in mid/late March or early April (for younger teams) and go through June or early July.
  • Players "aging out" of one age group "move up" in Fall Ball.

Depending on the turnout, there will likely be two Renegades teams at the 12u and 10u levels. Girls that are not selected for a Renegades team-or that choose not to play Fall Ball-can still play on a recreational team that will play league games in the spring. These teams often play a select number of tournaments in the spring/summer as well. Also, depending on the number of girls trying out, recreational teams can opt to play Fall Ball.

What is the cost to play on a Renegades team?
In addition to the Lake Oswego Softball fee estimated to be $150-175 for spring softball, each team has added expenses based on the number of tournaments played. Tournament fees-per player-can range from $150-300. There will new uniforms for all Renegades teams. Depending on uniform design/selection, jackets, socks, bat bags, etc. may cost between $100-200. Incidental fees $50-75. Travel expenses for one or two out of town tournaments needs to also be a consideration.